1. Chee - Zits.

  2. Unfettered power. August, 2014.  

  3. "See The Sights" August, 2014. 

    Come to the wondrous windy city.

  4. Words from Hurray For The Riff Raff’s “St. Roch Blues.” idk it’s just something new. I really shouldn’t be left alone with heart-achey southern blues-folk. but, so g00000d.

  5. "Purely Irresistible," August 2014.

    the kind of <3 how to dress well sings about.

  6. Now you can buy my book through a sad webmarket! Please visit and leave a lock chained to my website with our names etched in :+)

  7. But bae.

  8. sorrrrryyyyy guyzzzz :+)

  9. i didn’t say anything.

    but i saw it.

  10. My copy of Carlson’s The Hotel Eden has arrived. I am going to devour you tomorrow, my pretty. 

    Find a grassy spot, a comfy couch, a pile of puppies to sit on and join us for 24-Hour Bookclub tomorrow!

    Oh. And Ron will be there too. Like, nbd.