1. "Fears of a Small Town Girl in Chicago," March, 2014

    Submission for The Reader’s comics issue. I mean, how COULD they pass this one up? Fears, farts—life’s most complex issues.

  2. panacirema:

    Elaine Short’s Kickstarter book project, Let’s Be Awkward Together. So. Awkward.

    Featured on Kickstarter’s blog again! Purrrrdy cool.

    (via kickstarter)

  3. Nickelodeon Slime Master and friend-of-mine Dave Beitzel draws the funniest arcade/video game comics out there. Based in New York, Beitzel draws weekly bits on gaming culture.  Check out his blog, Phatypus Comics! (This one is my favorite. I laugh every time I see it.)

  4. Let's Be Awkward Together Launch PartyLet's Be Awkward Together Launch PartyLet's Be Awkward Together Launch PartyLet's Be Awkward Together Launch Party

    Let’s Be Awkward Together Launch Party, a set by mCespo on Flickr.

    For all of you who supported the book but couldn’t make it out to the release party, enjoy! Thanks HaruLocke.com for photography-ing a great night.
  5. Thanks for the punch line @PTibz!

  6. Got bored.

  7. Heeeeeyyyy guys,

    Elaine here, back from the dead. Actually, back from self-publishing a book called Let’s Be Awkward Together. It’s about the dumb awkward things we all do and why they’re funny and hey, why don’t we all just laugh about it, eat a fresh croissant and **move** **on**? 

    I’ll be posting much more regularly on this blog than I have in the past three months (now that I don’t have to keep things secret from you poor free tumblers). In the meantime, here is an excerpt from my book, one of my favorites, called “Rejection of the Feline Kind.”

  8. Holy shit I just came home to the coolest gift ever. Thanks @bowlersandbuttons! I can’t stop smiling!! F U N N Y G I R L straight up Xstitched.

  9. Lunchtime Post-It Toons

  10. Hey all—we’ve just announced 24-Hour Bookclub’s October pick: Katherine Losse’s The Boy Kings.  

    I’m excited to pick up The Boy Kings on October 20th for a few reasons. First: I’m intrigued by new light on the idea that Facebook is screwing us all over. This we all know in the sense that it uses its users as human capital via their information, but Losse’s book explores Facebook’s exploitation of its employees as well. Second: as a copywriter, I too work in a world obsessed with digitizing everything–from direct messaging to the constant, often misguided client efforts to covertly transform friendly social media banter into business advertising. Finally: the world of social media, including Facebook, is one I love and hate. One I need and need to eliminate. One that I’ve made no resolution about. Maybe it’s time.

    Won’t you join us on October 20th? You can pitch into our conversation on Twitter by using the #24hourbookclub hashtag. I can’t wait!