1. Now you can buy my book through a sad webmarket! Please visit and leave a lock chained to my website with our names etched in :+)

  2. But bae.

  3. sorrrrryyyyy guyzzzz :+)

  4. i didn’t say anything.

    but i saw it.

  5. My copy of Carlson’s The Hotel Eden has arrived. I am going to devour you tomorrow, my pretty. 

    Find a grassy spot, a comfy couch, a pile of puppies to sit on and join us for 24-Hour Bookclub tomorrow!

    Oh. And Ron will be there too. Like, nbd.

  6. 24hourbookclub:

    This is the time of year that makes me want to sink my teeth into juicy things; plums and peaches; a crush’s lips; a really, really, very good book with prose as simultaneously poetic and simplistic as those thick emotions we can’t fully express, but that masterful fiction can, somehow.

    On Saturday, June 7th, 24-Hour Bookclub and I will both take a very deep, satisfying bite into an excellent collection of short fiction: Ron Carlson’s The Hotel Eden

    It’s worth explaining how we came to June’s The Hotel Eden

    In college I was fortunate enough to be handed a copy of The Signal, a novel by Carlson that starts out heady with the vague misfortune of a down-on-his-luck, soon-to-be-divorced Wyoming rancher named Mack. As I travelled into his past—deeds Mack himself couldn’t seem to face through his own flashbacks—I became intertwined with a complex character; his morals and his failures and how one seemed to feed the other in an unfair, all-to-common way. 

    Then, about three-quarters of the way through, the novel jumped up. The plot and narrative jolted, bolting into a new state like a kid caught sleeping in class. It became a thriller, a chase, and if Mack could just make it out alive then his purpose, his sense of self and morality and what-is-fucking-right would, for once, win. Boy, this book did a number on me. 

    I expect the same satisfaction from Carlson’s 1998 collection of 12 critically acclaimed short stories. Because Carlson can deliver the reward of sensations that only comes from expertly crafted, complex, downright-joyous-to-read fiction. I cannot express how excited I am to take that first, big, sloppy and juicy bite. 

    MaxDiana and I will be there. Won’t you join us

    We’ll wake up first thing in the morning, crack open our copies of The Hotel Eden, and start tweeting up a storm using our usual #24hourbookclub hashtag. We’ll be looking out for your tweets, too, and reading them between chapters. 

    You can pick up a copy of The Hotel Eden

    • On Amazon or at your local book store if you’re into paper,
    • Or through Kindle if you’re into Kindle.

    I can’t wait.



  7. What the fuck have I been doing lately?

    Working on something new, very personal, maybe not publishable. here are some sneak peeks anyway.

    <3 interests, at work.

    …things escalating?! o bae.

    after the fact.

    where’s that fucking key.

    There’s a story to each sketch, and I have a feeling this is a story that will take me a long time to write. But uhaveto.

  8. "Fears of a Small Town Girl in Chicago," March, 2014

    Submission for The Reader’s comics issue. I mean, how COULD they pass this one up? Fears, farts—life’s most complex issues.

  9. panacirema:

    Elaine Short’s Kickstarter book project, Let’s Be Awkward Together. So. Awkward.

    Featured on Kickstarter’s blog again! Purrrrdy cool.

    (via kickstarter)

  10. Nickelodeon Slime Master and friend-of-mine Dave Beitzel draws the funniest arcade/video game comics out there. Based in New York, Beitzel draws weekly bits on gaming culture.  Check out his blog, Phatypus Comics! (This one is my favorite. I laugh every time I see it.)